photo 3I use USA Fender Deluxe Jazz basses (4 & 5 string) with a Markbass 4×10 (with a TTE 500 Randy Jackson signature tube amp) or a smaller 1×12 Markbass 1

I have various other basses for different situations including a vintage 1975 Fender Jazz or a fusion-tastic Jeff Berlin Peavey Pallaedium.

I also use an Eastern European double bass with a Fishman Platinum Pro preamp.

photo 2I use a Roland Gaia for live synth bass – perfect for pop and electronic tunes on function gigs!

I have been playing piano for 20 years and currently use a Korg SV1 stage vintage piano.


For recording I can be mobile with Logic Pro X and Cubase 7.5 on a Macbook Pro.