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Please click here to visit the website for my band Red Shift – available for functions, parties, weddings, background jazz and many other events.


Red Shift is a professional party and functions band playing a variety of gigs all over the UK, with a a core group of professional musicians which can change depending on what the client requests. For example, we can add additional horn players for larger ensembles, or choose between guitarists who specialise in jazz, rock or soul.

We all play together regularly, rehearse and know the same repetoire inside out. When booking Red Shift, you can be assured of a professional package, whatever the ensemble or event!




Red Shift Jazz are the best choice to add a classy, swinging element to any function! We can provide sophisticated background music to occasions such as weddings, ceremonies and parties, or get people grooving with funky jazz-fusion. From foot-stomping New Orleans trad to smoky New York bebop, Red Shift Jazz have an incredibly varied and professional personell, meaning that you can choose the exact ensemble you want. We can provide a solo pianist, duos (e.g. piano & sax, piano & guitar, piano & double bass, two guitars), classic piano or guitar trios, quartets featuring some of the country’s finest saxophonists or bigger ensembles – it really is up to you!

We are all professional working players with many years of experience in a variety of ensembles, playing with some of the UK’s top jazz artists. Get in touch to discuss booking Red Shift Jazz for your event!