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Check out my teaching resources page to see how music technology is integrated into my lessons!

Update: I have spaces for new pupils! Bass guitar/music technology/theory! Email me for details.

Music education is something I take very seriously. It is a privilege to draw upon my years of of gigging and teaching experience to help a new student find their way around a new instrument, a mid-level player take the next step towards mastering the bass or helping a more experienced player refine their technique and creative approach, or even learn a new style of playing. I have been lucky enough to study with some incredible players such as Laurence Cottle, Phil Mulford and Tony Grey and am able to collate that experience into my lessons.

Where are you? What do you charge? I teach from my home studio in Great Baddow, Chelmsford on weekdays and weekends, generally from 4pm weekdays (all day during holidays) and all day weekends. I charge £25 p/hr or £15 p/half hr. I have special rates for primary age students – contact me for more details. I am also fully CRB checked.

Don’t fancy a weekly slot? No problem! I understand that most of us are too busy these days to commit to a regular time week in, week out. I am very flexible with my booking and am happy to schedule you in as and when. Some students feel a weekly lesson is good for their playing discipline, but others find every other week or even once or twice a month is enough to keep their playing topped up. Just drop me a call, email or text  to let me know when you’d like to come.

How do lessons work? Quite simply, around you! I’m not a fan of either sitting back and letting the student run the lesson or dictating everything the student does during our time together. I like to customise the lessons to suit the student, figuring out together what they want to get from the lessons and then helping them achieve those goals. I provide structure to the sessions by suggesting ways to improve technique and general musicianship. At the end of each lesson I write up what’s been studied and achieved, ready to make progress next time! We can play for fun or work on grades together. I can teach you to read music and have a wealth of resources to use.

How does Music Technology enhance the lessons?  Making music lessons as engaging, fun and fulfilling is my goal! I use a wide range of Music Technology to achieve this – simple metronomes are a thing of the past! I might use drum loops in varying genres to work on timekeeping. I can create customised backing tracks with guitar/bass/drums in many different styles. Fancy soloing over the jazz standard ‘Autumn leaves’ in an unusual key? No problem! Want to practise your funk bass-playing to Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’, with the bassline taken out? Easy! We can lay down some grooves using a loop pedal, or I can even record your performance using professional studio software so you can evaluate your playing afterwards. We can even record a new track or composition together – I have taught composition for 8 years and believe every single person has the ability to create their own original music. I can teach you about Music Technology in all areas, from using DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), MIDI theory, studiocraft, synthesis, sampling and lots more. I am also able to accompany you on piano, guitar or bass. Using my vast iTunes library and Spotify Premium, we can listen to and learn almost any track.
Check out some of my teaching resources here.

What skills can I learn? I can teach you how to physically play the bass in the most efficient way, how to train your ear to recognise intervals, major/minor and to transcribe basslines, how to be melodic, how to convey your musical ideas to others, how to read & write music, how to play and understand different genres and how to successfully work as a musician.


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